Power Rangers!

The Power Rangers 2016 Annual came out today. Inside is an 8-page story by my son Trey. It’s his first published story. I had the honor of drawing it. What a kick it was to work on this. When he was a little boy watching the TV show, I never dreamed we’d do a comic story together someday for BOOM! Sometimes the world is wonderful, and so is Trey’s story, so find a copy and read it.


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Rachel Rising OMNIBUS is here!

The Omnibus is now available for purchase—right now on this webpage— in softcover (red) and hardcover (green). The two versions have identical interiors: every page of the 42 issues series, plus a full color cover gallery showing every cover in all its CMYK glory. All in all, it’s 900 pages!

To order, select STORE in the menu at the top of the page. This will be for U.S. orders only.

For international orders to our friends all over the planet, email us directly to arrange the transaction at:  SIPnet@StrangersInParadise.com

We will ship anywhere in the world. Off-world, you will need to enlist a qualified 3rd party.

Man, I’m so glad to have this book in my hands at last!

RR Omni Web Ad

RR Omni RED cvr REVRR HCvr REV Green 5-20-16x

RR Omni Web Ad

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Rachel Rising Black Cover Omnibus


Got my first look at the black-on-black embossed cover for the Omnibus. It looks great. THIS is what I meant by black cover. This is not a slipcover, this is the cover to the book itself. There isn’t going to be a slipcover. And, look at that spine width. Wow! It’s every issue of Rachel Rising, 900 pages even, including a full color Cover Gallery of all 42 covers, plus Fabio Moon’s beautiful cover painting that was featured on the back of issue one.

Notice there isn’t an ISBN bar code on the back side. This book is not for retail. This is a private printing for the loyal fans, limited to only 750 copies. We’re keeping 10, so actually only 740 have been up for sale. IMG_0995


If you preorder the book, you will get a special print that only preorder customers receive. This print is for preorder customers only! The print will not be available again to anyone else. If the Black Cover edition doesn’t sell out with preorders by the time we take delivery (just before SDCC), people who buy one of the remaining copies at SDCC will NOT get the print. Why so hardline about it? Because preorders made printing this book possible, so the print is your perk for supporting our cause and making this book possible. It’s my way of giving every preorder buyer a grateful hug.

RRomni Print


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It’s done. 42 issues of the most fun I’ve ever had drawing scary stuff and snow. Now it’s all about that big book I want on my shelf, the omnibus. This is when it gets really fun because I get to see it all put together in one massive brick… and try to pick it up!

I couldn’t have done this series without the support of many loyal readers who encouraged me along the way. So in an effort to give back something special for these folks, we’re releasing a Limited Edition version of the book first. Here’s the scoop:

The Rachel Rising Black Cover Edition

• Limited to 750 Copies

• Exclusive Black On Black Cover

• Signed and Numbered

• Exclusive Print, with Pre-Order Only (see below!)

• Color Cover Gallery

• Includes All 42 Issues and Full Color Cover Gallery

• 900 Pages

• Only $90

You don’t need a calculator to see this is a great price for a beautiful big book made to the highest standards. Over 600 copies of the book were sold in two weeks on Twitter alone. There are 100 copies left as I write this. Order yours now, before they are gone.

If you miss this exclusive version, don’t worry, the retail hardcover version is coming in August. It will be the same 900 page interior with the iconic Issue One green and black cover. It will not have a print, it will not be signed and numbered. This retail version of the hardcover  omnibus will be $75.

A softcover version will follow in October with the same cover in red, not green. If you’ll remember, we did this for the original 1st and 2nd printings of Issue One. Price on the softcover omnibus has not been set yet, but it will be less than the retail hardcover.

I should also point out that these omnibus books are trade paperback killers, eventually. Don’t worry though, we have a great inventory of all our TPBs for you to finish your collection. But they won’t be reprinted in the future, so get them now and finish your collection. They are a great way to try the series, or to loan an affordable TPB to someone to try, or give as a $16 gift instead of a $90 omnibus.

Pre-order your copy now and choose between picking it up at San Diego Comic-Con, or shipping. Orders will ship the week after SDCC. Yes, we ship International, prices for this are researched and posted for most locations. If you don’t see your location, simply inquire at sipnet@strangersinparadise.com and we will get the cost for you.

To order your copy of the Rachel Rising Black Cover Omnibus, click me!

RRomni Print

This exclusive print of Rachel is available only with pre-orders of the Black Cover Omnibus.

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Rachel Rising ART SALE begins Monday

Rachel Rising Art Sale begins Monday. This is 1 of my favorite moments in the book, and the page will be in the sale. Rachel meets Zoe. The “huh” says it all.
Oh look, it’s a severed arm.
Zoe: “Huh.”

RR23.06 rgb600

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When I grow up…

When I grow up, I wanna be…


When I grow up, I want…


Remember the first time you looked up and thought, whoa.



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Love Story

This is one of the most talked about pages in Rachel Rising, page 12 of issue 36, the reveal of Earl’s eyes. Only Jet has taken the time to find the beauty beneath Earl’s homely exterior and it’s the beginning of a sweet love story inside a tale of horror.
You can own the original art—it will be in the Rachel Rising Art Sale starting Monday.
RR36.12 rgb
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Rachel Rising will come to an end with issue 42. It’s been a great experience for me and I know the series made many fans who hate to see it end. I know because they’ve told me! As we approach the finish line, we’ve planned some special events for fans of the series, beginning with a special sale featuring selected pages of some of my favorite Rachel Rising original art, including 4 covers. This will start Monday on our webstore.

TIME: The sale begins Monday 29.

LOCATION: http://www.strangersinparadise.com/store.html

Here’s a first look at the four covers available, from issues 27, 32, 36, 39.

RR 36 CoverArt rgbRR 39 Cover Art RGBRR27 Cover ArtScan_RGB RR32 Cover Art Rev_scan

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Dear Super Secret Diary… Rachel Rising 41

Rachel Rising 40 just came out and I’ve already finished making issue 41. I’ve never been this far ahead of the schedule before. Only one more issue to draw, then I will have to leave the sweet little town of Manson in search of new adventures. What a visit this has been! You gotta love a town where even the birds are… well, I don’t want to spoil it for you. (The birds are in issue 41. No no, don’t wave to them. Just, back away… slowly…)


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Rachel Rising 40 hits the stands

The new issue is out in many stores today. Due to a hiccup in distribution, it will hit stores across a two week span.

Rachel Rising, the only comic to offer Hentai Blossoms.


This issue has a helluva cliffhanger. I’m afraid I won’t be able to go out in public for a couple of weeks. That’s okay, I’ve been in this position before with Strangers In Paradise. It’s worth it. Enjoy the ride.

RR_40 Final Cover

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